Wednesday, October 8, 2014

20 random facts about me

HEEELLLUUURRR LOVAAAHS Eyes closed, pouts lips facing the screen and raising hand up on the air with my fingers pointed in my best Wendy Williams Impression how you doin???, well I hope you guys are doing great in case you’re wondering I am feeling fab at the moment smooches lol. I was tagged by the wonderfulToinlicious  to do the 20’s tag so without further ado let jump into it * SMOOCHES YALL*

 I chew half a piece of gum at a time, I think I am allergic to chewing a whole one (I just don’t like a full mouth unless it real food hehehe if I can’t swallow you why should I exercise my molars like that)

 I used to read romance novels way back in the days I slowed down a couple of years ago I still have about 2 Cartons full of books in the garage I am so over them now (all of them just seemed redundant all they do is shack and fall in love) but now I am into inspirational (I never thought I would enjoy reading such things lol) making my life better kinda books you wanna know why? ( many years ago when I first did that sinful act chaaaaiiii it pained me o I realized I was tricked by those books it aint as rosy as those romance books depicts everything so I came home and packed up those lying book angrily into a box I was very naïve what can I say lol ).

 I like my men Tall Dudu Osun color (dark chocolate) as in that dudu must be intense and korikori shey u get? hehehehe you know like Morris Chestnut I don’t want dudu ashy o, but all the dudumen I dated it didn’t work o so I have been thinking maybe I will port to team yellow lol or just be open minded and not accept only dudu applicant. Yall pray for me because dudu osun men may not even be what God planned for me o that is the irony of life

 I cook when I am inspired or hunger is about to make me pass out I just don’t want to be in the kitchen longer than 20 minutes…. that why God gave us scrambled eggs lol

I sleep with the a/c on full blast kinda around 60 degrees it so weird because I am always cold lol but something about that cold air blasting on full force, (I love a loud air conditioner because it drowns any loud sound) and snuggling under a blanket ghen ghen ghen lemme just tell you this when I sleep with the room freezing I usually visit all the planets lol give it a try guys… (If you freeze don’t come and accuse me did I send u lol)

I am a bit OCD about locks on the door, every night before i go to sleep, I get up to check the door knob,(sometimes twice lol) regardless of where I am home, hotels, anywhere I gotta double check and make sure, sometimes I even call home and ask my siblings can you double check the door( I dunno why o, I just won’t have peace until I know for a fact every door is confirmed locked even when I am not home sha but it is well with my soul lol)

 I am a complete chatterbox haba can’t u tell already I am yet to run out of words and I aint shy either ( bless your heart if you sit next to me on a plane and you aren’t chatty I will talk to you whether you like it or not sha and if you are good and feeling up to it we might end up taking selfies lol done that a couple of times) we are living in a selfie time yall make use of it now because when u get old and your grandkids are asking for your selfie is don’t be looking like groundnut o.

 I really really really love eating rice, do you see the 3 reallys, My love of rice is something I am yet to comprehend I can eat it every day for the rest of my life. Something about it just hitting my taste buds bring me immense joy lol ( you can tell I am foodie see how I am romancing rice see my life shuuoo) when I was younger one Sunday my mother suddenly decide to change menu oh yeah see gobe my sadness was akin to someone who lost it all, she had to ask me what was wrong and I told her I am wondering why you didn’t cook rice today is something wrong , kia kia she ran and put rice on the fire o nobody had to tell her twice.

 I do teeth inspections when I am in the car usually at Redlights or parking lot, you’ll just see me moving my mouth making funny faces try to get a glimpse of my molars and all 32 looking into the visor mirror LIKE JIM CARREY (I know a lot of people would be thinking what wrong with this girl what the heck is she doing  making faces at a mirror I AM WELL O.

 I am so into lipsticks it crazy at last count there were over 110 and peep this I only have one pair of lips o it like I should go and do lip transplant all over lol so I can use all of them very very well and to those who asked to see it I am currently working out of state so I am not home yet ( so when I get home I’ll take a pic of all of em) but trust me I have accumulated quite a few here so that is why I am suspecting MAC are guys sure they don’t do juju?

I am a very lazy naturalista as in sometimes when I see the length of my hair I thank God because I am surprised that they aren’t breaking off and I don’t even sleep with a head wrap *cover face in shame* , I wash and detangle every 2 weeks and trust me to do the minimum, what is porosity ? Which one is hair type ogini? I don’t have time for all that o because I will balance this my blonde wig like oshuka come morning (those things seller put on their head to balance their wares when they carry it) I just know that I have hair and I am Nigerian so if you ask me what type of hair the answer is Nigerian hair otan (finish).

 I have Almond shaped eyes hence the name of my blog and they are fully functional I just love em. I wouldn’t trade my oju(eyes) for anything in this world but then again it isn’t tradable lol.

 I cannot swim to save my life but I have perfected the art of wading in it if my feet’s aren’t touching the floor it time to start wading near the children section abeg I cannot come and die o I am not a mermaid o I know my level.

I never used to like change but I have learned to embrace it because in order for great things to happen in one’s life CHANGE must happen (nothing great ever happened to anyone whose life remained stagnant).

 I have learned not to be ruled by fear because it is not of God and neither should it control my decision (the devil goes about planting fears in peoples mind and if you listen to it you end up missing a lot of opportunities what you need to do is go with the mind of God peep David out in the bible if you don’t know now you know o) you will be shocked by what is out there when you let go of fear.

I sleep with 5 pillows every night (Yup you read right)each one strategically placed ( 4 for my head and one for side support, my head is special to me o), the housekeepers in my current hotel room know not to mess with it ( I am not a wakawaka baby nah job dey carry me enter hotels o but anyhoo i just dont tolerate anyone messing with my pillow arrangement it fit cause fight o lol I kid you not first thing i do is inform housekeeping leave my pillows as is dont squish it) and my sibling know at home not to borrow Ms. Cookies pillows because I place and DE fluff them how I like it. if not there will be an investigation about my precious pillows ( the future hubs will be duly informed biko don’t borrow my pillow and I will stamp our names on each of our pillow sha but who know maybe love will allow me borrow him my pillow until then it all mine).

 I am all about my private space I don’t like when folks get all into it.

 If you want to see magic free of charge come with pen,paper and give me a math question, trust me I will blow your mind away to pieces hehehe ( I don’t know if it will be in a good or bad way but nah u sabi o ) as in how I arrive at my answers sef astounds me gan.

 I guard my heart very well and I have learned to love myself (doesn’t mean I am conceited but who else is gonna love u if you don’t love yourself) even the bible says “love your neighbor as yourself” and don’t stay or surround yourselves with people who don’t make you happy and don’t tolerate nonsense from anyone guard your heart you have one life to live so live it well!!!!! I can’t stress it enough.

I love you all BOOM!!!! I bet you weren’t expecting that but yeah I really do, I never thought I was going to have any one read my blog in fact the idea of getting one comment was laughable to me so you can imagine how shocked I was when I was embraced into the blogging family so with that said I truly appreciate YOU (yes you if u are reading this) for your lovely comments and even if you are a silent reader.

 I just noticed that I am bloody chatter box chaaaii (pardon my french) lol even my writing depicts it anyhoo let me tell you something else ( sry Toinlicious I broke the rule) I dislike liars, Whew!!!! I just had to let yall know that or I just wouldn’t feel complete lol. P.s I wrote this in a rush so plz excuse my typos I don’t have time to proofread sighs….. But anyhooo DRUMROLLS PLZ!!!!!!!! So I am tagging Buiti Christian,Afolabi Tosyne,Temitope Adegbite,Tibs,Destiny, Moby,Yourstruly,Highly Favoured,Chris Okafor,momentwithzoe,lifeasvira,Adaezenwa,Petite Diva,Folasoasis,Duru,fredilia,Esther,newdawn,ladywannabeblog Plz free to join in if i didnt tag you anyhoo yall it a Great day outthere have a Fabulous day ( to the guys have a great day unless you want a fabulous day lol) muaaaaawwwww.


  1. I enjoyed this so much. And yea, it's obvious you are a chatter box. I can just imagine you asking to take a selfie on a flight lol

  2. Hey!!! I see the chatter box in action. Thanks for the tag. I also used to read all those romance wahala oh b4 I advised myself biko.

    Now I read real stuff.
    My hair is natural also, I have a lot of those products but I barely use them. No time abeg.
    Thanks for the tag once more.

  3. I am with you on thelazy naturalista....hehe.....**sad face** mami i already did mine....Thank you soooooo much for my tag......buh is mine tho...

    My Tag

    Thanks again mami..

  4. Almond Eyez of life... totally nice reading about you...
    I already did my tag here
    Thanks darl

  5. Thank you Cookie. Would you believe me when I say I didn't know you have a blog? I had clicked on your name twice in the past and I saw a blank page with just your name, no web page or personal info about you, so I thought you opened a gmail for commenting purpose only. Do accept my apology for my error and thank you very much for always visiting and commenting :D

    1. Ahahhaha, I likeee, your sense of humour! ....don't joke with your pillows and have 110 lipsticks? SHIOR! I too check doors after locking them! Cooking? We are on the same boat o jare! The idea of spending hours in the kitchen dey tire me fa! Almond eyes? to see it myself sha!...Romance novels? I don give up on that sef! Me-hn! I read dem tire, and when I eventually did the do, I realized I was deceived also! ... *side-eye-2-them!*... So, I stick to detective and thrillers...ha! I cook rice everyday in my home @ you and mosie...chatterbox? Hey! when do we hook up? Am a good listener and chatter box myself...sleep with the a/c on?... I understand why my kids always like to have the a/c on all night!..ahahahahaha, oh! I really enjoyed reading you, and your Wendy mimic.

      It was a pleasure knowing you Ms Cookie. E-hug.
      Now, off to read older posts.!

  6. Ms. Cookie! You are so funny, would love to meet you in person. Interesting and funny random facts. Thanks for the tag....I'll do my best to find 20.

  7. Love this tag...especially the sleeping with 5 I love rice too. Post ur lipids collection for us sometime...:-)

  8. Awww thanks mami, you are a darling, you know.
    I already did miiine tho.
    Lol you are so funny and lively, can't wait to meet you someday. I hate rice mehn and that pillow thing you've got going on is funny o. Lol please kindly send those romance novels to me, will appreciate it, i think I was quick to know its sham and besides its fiction, I don't even expect those mumu kinda love that you will meet someone today next tin una don love up., no even asking out or shakara.
    That maths magic you are talking about hope its not like the one my course mate did, that he was using almighty formular to solve chemistry sha.
    I hate AC infact I dislike fan, and you can sleep under AC? That's amazing.
    I love a Morris Chesnut kinda man too :*
    I love changes tooooo!

  9. U're such an interesting person ohh.. I'll love to met u really! I chew half gum too plus I love rice gidi gaan!!!

    Thnks for tagging me.. :)

  10. lol i sleep with 3 pillows to and i also love tall guys hehehehe
    Thanks for tagging Hun, i have done a post on this mwaah

  11. Awww...thanks for the tag boo. Hmnnn I think we have something in common....plenty sef. The OCD with doors...I do that alot. I am just too security conscious. Thanks once again mi lovy

  12. lovely facts.. nice post..

  13. I laughed so hard :-)

    I wore braces for nearly 3 years and did A LOT of teeth inspections in my car, it’s pretty amazing the things you can get up to in Lagos traffic, I once flossed every single tooth in my mouth thoroughly and without shame on third mainland bridge.

    I embrace change with mixed feelings, stubbornly at first and then excited at the opportunity to experience newness.

    Great post!

  14. You're one hilarious babe! Thanks for tagging me and all the support. I really appreciate it

  15. lol mscookie you are so hilarious. i am with you on thank God for scrambled eggs because i don't like to cook. and the lips oh boy and i thought i loved lipstick. nice one.

  16. You are very funny Ms Cookie. "I don’t have time for all that o because I will balance this my blonde wig like oshuka come morning." #priceless lol

  17. Nice one Miss Almond eyes!!
    5 pillows?! Gosh!!! lol.. Luxurious lifestyle :-) Niceeee
    And hotels? Please what do you do? And more importantly, how does one break into that field? lol
    Love ya too!! xx

  18. thanks for tagging me babe.

  19. You really made me laugh this evening. You are very funny, Mz Cookie! That dudu osun dude (in view) would be a lucky man o.
    Dudu Osun for real?! Hehehhe...I can't help it. I wish you luck, darl. Hehehe
    Thanks for the tag, will look into it as soon as I can. Am very grateful.
    The picture though, heheheh. Please am out of here before I crack a rib.

  20. HAHA. Nice list, i sleep with 4 pillows so you are worse than i am. I ♥ your blog. Thank you for reading my story and supporting me.

  21. Chatter boxing is good, that means you are a happy lady. I enjoyed reading this and I smiled along as I did.

  22. I have been seeing ms cookie of recent in some of my favorite blogs, so today I decided to find out who is this cookie. Fortunately the first time of visiting your blog I stumble about these facts about you. You're really funny.

  23. Reading your post, it is so obvious that you are. Chatter box lol. Like you, I really really really love rice and I'm off about having a lock on each door - sometimes I think that soneone is going to kidnap me lol. Thanks for this post cos now I know you better

  24. I love rice too, eat it 365. Wet in you dey do with all that lipstick......berra do lipstick giveaway.

    Love you too

  25. I need to do one of these posts sometime. So fun!
    Thanks for dropping by the blog! Blessings!

    Tell the World

  26. It was so fun to learn more about you—I especially love your sense of humour! I'm a huge fan of rice too.

    But over 100 lipsticks? This one is serious o!

  27. hahahah wow love this!!

  28. Nice to know more about you. About the romance books... No comment. I can relate to the hogging of pillows,over a 100 lipsticks? Lord have mercy!
    Why didn't you ever mention that you have a blog or leave your blog link on mine??? I just discovered it on Tosyne's blog.
    Lhurve Davies

  29. Wow!!! 5 pillows.. thats a lot oh... heheheh When Oga boss comes, you will have to reduce the amount oooo. **winks... if i slept with 5 pillows, i would wake up and realise that I took one with me to the bathroom at night... **shines teeth. You are a funny lady, and full of life. I likey...

  30. Okay Bubba, now this is getting scary. Where are you Bubba?

  31. You have been awarded...

  32. Same question hanging on my lips. Where did she disappear to ni?!

  33. Hello mz cookie, where are tho. Been a while luv and hope ur good

  34. Mami where art thou? Been refreshing this page since forever. Where are you oooooooo....come back now before I strangle you *threat of life*

  35. Where are youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu? I miss you hun - Please get back to me!

  36. Dear Bubba,

    We miss you? Where are you? Please come back. :(

    Yours sincerly,

  37. Hi Cookie, i hope you're good. It's been ages

  38. I'm frantic with worry. Please drop a line somewhere, let us know you're fine.

  39. Hi contact form on ur blog to enable us cjeck on you. Hope you're alright hun? Pls try as much as possible to @least create a contact form or make your email available. I hope all has been fine with you tho.