Friday, August 29, 2014



  HI Divas, and Divos/Gents so I was nominated by,Moby (CHECK HER OUT IF YOU AREN'T DON’T SLEEP ON IT) for the GRATITUDE CHALLENGE so of course I ACCEPTED. There are just so many things that I am grateful for and since I have 7 days it all good. I’ll eventually get to each one of them and touch base. Anyhoo I’m going to state the rules so we can be clear on that.

So for the next 7 DAYS you have to state 3 things that you are grateful for and also nominate 3 people on the first day you are challenged.

 You have 24 hours to do this by the way. (Don’t sleep on it)

 You have to take a picture of a simple pleasure you know something that makes you happy, it doesn't have to be expensive (let not get materialistic chicas no CHANNEL bags or LOUBOUTIN shoes please there is more to life than rocking designers items save it for another challenge hehe).

 Donate 5 dollars (USD) or whatever the equivalence is in your local currency within 7 days of accepting this challenge to a less privileged person or a local charity of your choice. If you decide not to this challenge then you have to donate at least 20 USD to any charity of your choice (obedience is better than sacrifice).

 I am Grateful for the gift of life because as simple as that sounds it could have been the other way for me, and when you think about the fact that not everyone who was around beginning of this year is present today.

 I am Grateful for my Family and the pure unadulterated love they show me everyday.

 I am Grateful for Folks who have shown me love on my blog post, you didn't have to but you did and that means the world to me. You have no idea how WELCOMED I feel it brings a smile to my face reading your comments, and also to the anonymous people who read without leaving a comment I say THANK YOU ALSO

 So I hereby nominate *DRUMROLLS, PLEASE* ( I know I am being so EXTRA*)
 Olufunmi Afolabi 
Afolabi Tosyne 


I lived in Nigeria as a child and I joined the Peakmilk,Milo and Garri in pillowcase crew choice. I went to this boarding school that seemed more a less like a concentration camp to me then (unwillingly of course chai I suffered no be small,gist for another day) right and things were happening. There was this Chick she was so weird she would speak to herself and answer it loudly; I mean she was constantly muttering words. So the rumor mills (our own personal boarding school CNN news crew) went around saying that this weird chick was an Ogbanje, trust that Ms Cookie had been avoiding her, in fact when she walks I give her a thousand feet and made sure she wasn’t behind me I prefer to be seeing her ogo(back of her head)in front of me before she attacks me and transfers Ogbanje spirit to me . I was deathly afraid of her if she happens to be in the bathroom taking a shower I would stand outside the bathroom and take mine there it better to have the senior boys peeping at my popcorn boobs and nonexistent booty ( FYI Gods has bless me now levels don change my cup runneth over and the booty side well I have cushioning when I sit lol) than becoming an Ogbanje member. (abeg i can’t fight a normal person talkless of someone I heard has mamiwater spirit). back to my story one Friday morning the bell rang and everyone ran to the bathroom to take our baths and then VOILA we noticed that all the girls from a certain house all had half of their hair shaved off, be it in braids, threads, abacha style(low cut) (only those sporting gorimopa were spared) a good 75 percent of their hair was all gone. They didn’t believe it so they raised their hands to their hair and alas the screams and shrieks began and lot of tears sighs!!!, so as they all returned to their rooms in shock to inform the room head who wasn’t exempt from the hair chopper they noticed that the so called Ogbanje chick’s hair was intact about 60 girls here chopped off while they were sleeping. Nah so investigation start o at 6am in the morning they checked everyone’s lockers and BOOM inside Miss Ogbanje locker was a bunch of hair CHINEKE JESUS!!! Everyone was shocked even the room head that would normally have gotten physical didn’t dare touch her. They kept asking her why she did do it. omo that was the day I that solidified my decision that I had been doing the right thing by giving SEVERAL SEATS!! SO HOME GIRL WAS MUTE FOR A LONG TIME ALL OF A SUDDEN SHE SAID SHE WAS THE QUEEN OF THE OCEAN AND SHE WAS THE MOST BEAUTITIFUL WOMAN In THE WORLD/ocean AND SHE LIVES AT THE VERY BOTTOM OF THE OCEAN AND THAT SHE HAS SUBJECTS AND GOES TO HER OCEAN PALACE EVERYNIGHT AND SHE NEEDED THE HAIR BECAUSE SHE CANT AFFORD TO HAVE PRETTY PEOPLE NEXT TO HER etc . i blocked most of what the said from my memory (WOULDN’T YOU LOL) , A BUNCH OF seniors were interrogating her but no one dared touched her o it was that day i knew that the fear of ogbanje was the begining of wisdom lol. i was so afraid i was shaking i couldn’t even stay to listen to the rest of her queenship words i quickly disappeared and thank God I was not in her room (cause nah that day my papa go come pick me no be lie o I no fit join winchiwinchi crew I cant shout,i dont want to fly at night biko )the hair was packed into plastic bags and when the HOUSE MISTRESS woke up even she didnt carry her long stick to whoop her they just told her to carry her evidence and start walking to the principal office, what did our dear principal do he simply called her parents o to come get her lol abi who no fear winchiwinchi things . Her mother showed up and started begging the Principal and they left after a couple of hours and we all gave thanks to the lord because I doubt anyone would have been able to sleep that night . ALAS 6 weeks later guess who showed up to cut grass for 6 weeks (her punishment) which she never even cut well but no one dared to approach her but me KE you trust me MS COOKIE I stayed FAR FAR FAR away from her. P.S as far as the three nipples allegations . I never got to close to her but all the girls in her room and those who had seen her naked during shower time claimed she had a third nipple lmao in the middle of her 2 normal ones and I won’t lie one time when she wore her shimmy(undergarment) I could have sworn I saw a third bump in the middle of chest but for all I know it was a mole and I imagined it because everyone said it was there but as i didn’t have ogbanje strength I no fit carry magnifying glasses to examine the queen of the coast o. I now wonder if she had schizopherenia because her objective symptoms seemed to fit that profile another P.S (forgive me) if you like hot spice then I gotta gist you guys about the SPICE GIRLS INCIDENCE.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I hate heights esp when driving on a bridge i drive really really slow. I enjoy conversing with people well this has been made clear to me but i dont believe it lol (i"ve always been a chatter box for as long as i can remember) My favorite food is rice hands down i would definately have a rice withdrawal if i went five days without it and a birthday without rice( i shudder)omg that would be traumatic lol (i even pick my vacation spots in rice eating countries lol *grins* that how much i love it)nobody comes between my love of that grain if i could plant i would lol ( i kid u not) I am vertically challenged but hey what do we have high heels for lol, i can always pick my height look on the bright side. ( i still tower over a few people though lol thank God) i realised by age 13 i wasnt going to be a basketball player because i didnt eat my beans but dont worry i shall marry tall hehehe The first man i ever loved was and will always be my father.(he was simply the best i couldnt have asked for more or less )I am very grateful and i thank God for making him my dad even though our time together was cut short, death made us part physically but it can never steal my memories with him. I love my eyes and could probably spend a few minutes looking at them in d mirror lol and i love mirrors omg i can never just walk pass it i have to stop and look first and then keep it moving (my mother said she prayed for me as a child because she didnt understand my love for mirrors hahaha lol) I used to be a worrywart especially about things i had no control over but i have leared to lean on God. I have a thing for lipsticks, it just has a way of calling my name and i end up buying. My lipstick collection is embarrasing but i am gonna have to do something about it and resist the temptation of buying anymore since we all know the devil is a liar.... can i get a amen lol. I love my friends the few i have, since we all know quality is better than quantity cant be bothered with fake folks.#notimefordrama.

Monday, August 25, 2014


QUALITY IS BETTER THAN QUANTITY i have to come realise that we have to be careful who we call our friends, everyone will smile in your face but sometimes you dont know what in their hearts. it life. i think there comes a time in life when you have to make changes and cut some people off it just life. Some friendships tie you down instead of moving forward DONT SETTLE FOR MEDIOCRITY. some friends are literally leeches they suck the joy out of you, if you find your self making more deposits in their lives while they keep making withdrawals it time to let go, trust me it never gets better it gets worse.if you sense a sprit of competitiveness let gooo plz, i was so blind to some of my friendships because i felt like we had been friends for ages but mannn they will eventualy show you who they are and plz divas (and divo"s or should i say gents incase i have any reading :-))drop them like it hot. if they are never happy for you or always have something negative to say about something you are happy about kick them to the curb... i learned that the hardway but when i let it go. boy o boy was i relieved. it felt like a ton of breaks were off my shoulder i dont know what i was thinking NURTURING such a relationship wth such a toxic individual perphaps i was blind to a lot and not really paying attenttion. one of the friends i let of was just wierd whenever i bought something she would go and buy the exact same thing and hide it, and my thing is come on that why stores make than one so we can all have one why hide it?????, another example we would go shopping and she would pick something cute and i am like hey where did u get that from and homegurl will point me to another section of the store knowing fully well it not in that area, i mean like what in heavens is wrong with her.. it just made me uncomfortable. (thank you GOD FOR DISCERNEMNT)

Monday, August 11, 2014


OMG, i was just in shock when i read the news and robin williams was really gone. it just so sad, depression is a terrible disease i have been there, but i am grateful i made it. it crazy to hear people say it a white mans disease i had to educate one of my friends and let her know that was an ignorant statement.anyone can suffer from it regardless of color, no one is immune. to think this man had it all,(or so we think) it just proved money never buys happiness. A lot of people bring smiles to our faces or appear to look happy, yet we never know their inner struggles. life is so hard,but we have to just keep trying and put our best foot out, everyday is a new day.( i'm typing this in complete shock).

Friday, August 8, 2014

New Season, New Perspective

Gosh it been so long and a lot has changed in my life. last year was a rough dark year for me but i thank GOD that i made it because if not for him i dont know if i would be around today. depression is a terrible disease it literally sucks all the joy out of your life. ( even as i type this tears run down my face but joyful ones) i am just so grateful that my state of mind is happy. last year i was so stressed out, unhappy, in toxic friendships,baggage of previous failed relationships, anxious, i hated the job i had, i just wasnt happy no matter how i tried, i just couldnt shake the darkness out of my life. I quit my job and decided to do something else because the thought of going in was so depressing (Never work for money do something you enjoy). it was so bad that july 3rd i really thought i shoud just end it because i was tired of feeling tired (if that makes any sense)and i cried everyday, i wasnt sleeping well at night, i barely came out of my room just to shower, drink water, use the bathroom and i spent most of the time in the room, with my curtains shut. i didnt even let the sun in. the only thing that stopped me that night was that if i committed suicide i would never make heaven and see my father again and he would be so dissapointed in my actions and i would let my family down. i woke up the next morning to find out that a nigerian girl in the UK commited suicide she actually went through with it unlike me, i just started crying that morning because that was almost me. no matter how i tried i just couldnt see things changing it was just a culmination of a lot of unresolved things going on in my life. i never thought i would be depressed i mean sure life is not easy and i have been through somethings but i just never imagined i would exprience it and it so hard because i shut a lot of people out but i give GOD ALL THE GLORY. i feel like my self now i have a new leash on life and infact so much has changed. GOD has been good to me this year. this year is my year of restoration i cant believe i am finally happy, it might be hard to comprehend for anyone who has never suffered from depression. as much as i wanted to blog last year i just couldnt because i had nothing happy to talk about and i am of the opinion that life is hard enough i shouldnt add more too it hence why stopped blogging and i am not one to pretend to blog about rosy things when things arent pretty. all in all GOD IS ALWAYS FAITHFUL AND I REalised THAT we are never alone even in the midst of it all he is always there we just have to let him in (help me sing 'praise is what i do' shekinah glory"). i give GOD THE glory and praise him in all my circumstances he has never let me down. p.s : i apologize in advance if there are any typos i was in a rush and just wanted to share this :-)