Sunday, February 10, 2013


So i have had a lot on my mind the past few days, trying to decided if i want to make this blog  a bit more personal which means i would have to remain anonymous or go all out.... but i suppose am still a newbie so i'll just go with the flow for now or whatcha think? I am at the point in my life where i'm
 learning to let go of worries,and i have to realise that i cant control every single thing going on my life so i just have to leave it to a higher authority  the big GOD *smiles* can i get amen people lol beause i am not gonna crazy and i really cant afford to do that right now lol. Anyhoo i have my goals set out for this new month i am praying that i stick it out. it the shortest month of the year only 28 days so you would think i better hang lol....... ANYHOO as far as punctuation goes i totally suck it at if u cant tell already so plz forgive me  and bear with it "feel free to add the punctuations in your mind as you read cuz this chick aint about that life lol".

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