Monday, February 11, 2013


Umm okay so this is like totally random and a bit personal but what the heck i might as well spill it. The one thing i have realised about myself is that i suck at this, it happened a couple months ago and let just say the old saying is so true, the guy can remain so unattached while the opposite happens for the females, so i just gotta snap out of this funk and it will definately never happen again because this chick aint built for it at all.I have to stay focused and cant be getting all emotional over someone am not even sure feels d exact same way about me but anyhoo life goes on. One day i'll look back and laugh about this until then adios feelings, to think i thought i was more gangsta at handling my feeling (insert sarcastic laugh right here) ............................GOTTAKEEPTAKEEPITMOVING.COM

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