Monday, August 11, 2014


OMG, i was just in shock when i read the news and robin williams was really gone. it just so sad, depression is a terrible disease i have been there, but i am grateful i made it. it crazy to hear people say it a white mans disease i had to educate one of my friends and let her know that was an ignorant statement.anyone can suffer from it regardless of color, no one is immune. to think this man had it all,(or so we think) it just proved money never buys happiness. A lot of people bring smiles to our faces or appear to look happy, yet we never know their inner struggles. life is so hard,but we have to just keep trying and put our best foot out, everyday is a new day.( i'm typing this in complete shock).


  1. The news shocked me too, very sad, depression can happen to anyone, only people who have been thru it can understand seriously.. may his soul RIP :(

  2. i know it just unfortunate, suicide should never be the answer.