Friday, August 29, 2014



  HI Divas, and Divos/Gents so I was nominated by,Moby (CHECK HER OUT IF YOU AREN'T DON’T SLEEP ON IT) for the GRATITUDE CHALLENGE so of course I ACCEPTED. There are just so many things that I am grateful for and since I have 7 days it all good. I’ll eventually get to each one of them and touch base. Anyhoo I’m going to state the rules so we can be clear on that.

So for the next 7 DAYS you have to state 3 things that you are grateful for and also nominate 3 people on the first day you are challenged.

 You have 24 hours to do this by the way. (Don’t sleep on it)

 You have to take a picture of a simple pleasure you know something that makes you happy, it doesn't have to be expensive (let not get materialistic chicas no CHANNEL bags or LOUBOUTIN shoes please there is more to life than rocking designers items save it for another challenge hehe).

 Donate 5 dollars (USD) or whatever the equivalence is in your local currency within 7 days of accepting this challenge to a less privileged person or a local charity of your choice. If you decide not to this challenge then you have to donate at least 20 USD to any charity of your choice (obedience is better than sacrifice).

 I am Grateful for the gift of life because as simple as that sounds it could have been the other way for me, and when you think about the fact that not everyone who was around beginning of this year is present today.

 I am Grateful for my Family and the pure unadulterated love they show me everyday.

 I am Grateful for Folks who have shown me love on my blog post, you didn't have to but you did and that means the world to me. You have no idea how WELCOMED I feel it brings a smile to my face reading your comments, and also to the anonymous people who read without leaving a comment I say THANK YOU ALSO

 So I hereby nominate *DRUMROLLS, PLEASE* ( I know I am being so EXTRA*)
 Olufunmi Afolabi 
Afolabi Tosyne 


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  2. excited to see u blogging...will do the tag sometime next happy to read ur blog...thanks for the tag....:-)

    1. awwwww :-) your welcome, i look forward to reading it

  3. Oh It is nice to keep this chain going....this is nice of you mami...

  4. I jus posted this challenge... didn't know u nominated me.. :/.. Thnks for the nomination :)

    1. :-) your welcome im gonna check it out

  5. A heart of gratitude........................